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Useful resources for learning about contemporary China:

 English language Sinica Podcast

James Fallows - not always China-related, but always interesting

What's going on in Beijing:

TimeOut Beijing

The Beijinger

China Daily's Beijing Weekend 

Beijing Weather - Weather Underground


Useful language learning tools

Chinesepod podcast - free beginners' podcasts

Popup Chinese podcast - another very good podcast series

Hacking Chinese - interesting ideas on learning Chinese efficiently

Skritter character-learning tool for iPad/iPhone - really fun app

Sinosplice - John Pasden's site on many interesting aspects of China and the Chinese language



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architectural gems

As I mentioned in an earlier blog it is difficult to find interesting architecture outside the second ring. Beijing proved me wrong yet again today. For attending a talk I was at the Chinese Academy of Science which is north of the 4th ring. Walking back to the subway I passed a tall nondescript building with massive pillars that peaked my interest (left pic). A closer look reveals that each pillar was covered with broken China (right pic). Creative recycling I guess but from the distance is looks like dirty concrete. Not sure that is the look they were going for.

So, thumbs down on that one..


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