Our first wedding
Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 09:20AM
Kevin Miller

This year marked the first wedding during our China trips. Han Zhang, who first participated as an undergraduate at Beijing Normal and has been a key part of many of our trips as UM doctoral student, married his long-time girlfriend, Lizheng Ma, who is a teacher in Beijing and a student of second language learning. The wedding took place at Xinjiang Dasha in Beijing, and featured an interesting mix of Western (including Disney) elements and traditional Han and Uighur Chinese elements. Kai and Kevin were called on to give speeches, one in Chinese and one in English. Kevin ended his with a Chinese wish that should be part of all weddings:

白头偕老,百年好合, which is something like - stay together until your hair is white, and live in harmony for 100 years.



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