Random Assortment of Links

Useful resources for learning about contemporary China:

 English language Sinica Podcast

James Fallows - not always China-related, but always interesting

What's going on in Beijing:

TimeOut Beijing

The Beijinger

China Daily's Beijing Weekend 

Beijing Weather - Weather Underground


Useful language learning tools

Chinesepod podcast - free beginners' podcasts

Popup Chinese podcast - another very good podcast series

Hacking Chinese - interesting ideas on learning Chinese efficiently

Skritter character-learning tool for iPad/iPhone - really fun app

Sinosplice - John Pasden's site on many interesting aspects of China and the Chinese language



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Starting a pics contest!

Every year we have good laughs when we see funny English translations. Some are subtle as the one below but others are outright hilarious. You find them not only on official signs, but also on t-shirts that peole wear.

 This year, I want to encourage students to get the phone out and take a picture. Toward the end of the trip, we will have a contest. Kevin and I will select the best 10 and then you determine the winner by vote.  


Open House at BNU

Yesterday BNU held an open house for parents to explore what BNU has to offer for their son/daughter who is about to graduate from high school. It was a beautiful day so a lot of people came to campus to talk to facutly and students at the academic fare. The stand of the School of Psychology was particularly popular. When you look at the poster you might be able to recognize some people :)


Beijing on Easter Sunday

I arrived Friday evening after a long but uneventful trip (via Seattle). I slep a lot on the second flight (Seattle to Beijing) which helped me to avoid jet lag except for the fact that I woke up at 6am both mornings. Advantage: I took a nice stroll in the morning sun and had breakfast in the cafeteria before rush hour. The weather is very nice, a little crisp in the morning but warm with a little breeze during the day. I is a little foggy right now but we will have full sun again in the early pm. Spring is several weeks ahead of Ann Arbor, the trees are green and many in bloom - see the picture of the Headmaster Chen Yuan (陈垣) statue on the BNU campus surrounded by yellow blossoms.



Replica? Replica!

You might think the terracotta warriors are the object Chinese visitors of the excavation site are most interested in. Given the number of pictures taken the two bronze charriots in the museum annex are a close second. They are 2:1 scale replica of original charriots used some 2.200 years ago. But the sign on the glas box says "Replica". This raises the question: Is the exhibit a replica of a replica? I did some internet research and am pretty sure now: It is the original replica. Many of us left the museum with a set of terracotta warriors - well, replica, of course.  

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